Monday, June 18, 2007

Acmlm Board

Odd things have been happening online. A small typo in IRC had me kicked out of one channel, snowballing into another so that one did too. Weeks later, a hacker steals accounts at Acmlm's Board II. Including mine. I get that back quickly. Then, I sort of ask to have the alternate account I no longer need deleted. It works, but messed up my main one. It'd redirected the IP to ||board. I later hear that's an anti-spam feature.

Anyway... So with advice from another user, I go ask an ABII admin directly. That lead to my being allowed back on their board and IRC channel. Strangely, I'm also now allowed in the other channel which is run by someone else. All is good now! :)

In other news. My long-in-development Super Mario World hack has suffered a potential delay. I'd lost a bunch of data due to partitioning errors, so I had to recover the hack from an earlier backup.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


The story behind 'theclaw' is fairly well-known. However, you might be wondering where my recent 'Eon' theme came from. The full scoop:

I'd considered a new base Internet username, to replace the aging 'theclaw'. So I started to brainstorm. The only idea with a interesting ring to it was 'Eonisa'. A mix of "Eon", as in being timeless. And "NIS", commonly used to refer to the Japanese video game company Nippon Ichi.

I ultimately shortened Eonisa to Eon, theming web locations of mine around it, instead of changing username. For example... Eon Forums is a much easier to remember name than The Claw 135's Electric Castle Forums. It stuck, so I renamed my wiki and other pages to fit the new concept.

Here's the original image of that character in the banner:

Welcome to Eon Blog!

I am theclaw, founder of this blog. It is about various subjects. Primarily rom hacking. Also expect links to great freeware and free software programs, links to information about video games I reccommend obtaining, and more.