Saturday, June 16, 2007


The story behind 'theclaw' is fairly well-known. However, you might be wondering where my recent 'Eon' theme came from. The full scoop:

I'd considered a new base Internet username, to replace the aging 'theclaw'. So I started to brainstorm. The only idea with a interesting ring to it was 'Eonisa'. A mix of "Eon", as in being timeless. And "NIS", commonly used to refer to the Japanese video game company Nippon Ichi.

I ultimately shortened Eonisa to Eon, theming web locations of mine around it, instead of changing username. For example... Eon Forums is a much easier to remember name than The Claw 135's Electric Castle Forums. It stuck, so I renamed my wiki and other pages to fit the new concept.

Here's the original image of that character in the banner:

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