Sunday, December 16, 2007


Turns out the subdomain for the site isn't working right now. Please use on any links involving it instead.

Yeah, I know the projects have slowed down quite a bit. I'm currently looking into free hosting options. To have this blog, etc on one server would make it a lot easier to manage. In case I'm too busy for another post soon... Happy (insert holiday here)!

Also, remember. It's "theclaw135" on Xbox Live if you're up for a match in say... Call of Duty 4.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Site news

Using a domain name turned out to be too much hassle. I had to manually setup every page. Not fun, considering the overambious plans of mine. My current main site ( or remains open and official. I'll post updates right here should anything happen. ^_^

Monday, September 17, 2007

I have good news. I've purchased the domain name It's experimental, but there's new forums and other stuff. My intention is to eventually archive the content I'd put online over the years there to make it easily accessible in one place.

"irc." and "forums." are the current major subdomains. Speeds up getting to them by a click. Also try adding "/documents" or various directory names. A few surprise items lurk around.

And for something completely different, I'm posting the Albatross18 season 3 trailer.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

AcmlmBoard testing

I tried again, this name making the engine functional. It's an experimental board called Disgaea Ala Mode. "DLM" is my official abbreviation. Standard credits remain there, while my modified code is known as DisgaeaBoard. I made a thread at Justus League 2 (which like DLM is based on AcmlmBoard) to discuss the board.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Website update

I'm still making adjustments to the website's layout. It keeps looking better. The subtle "metal and gold" motif works really well. No pop-ups, banner ads, or overuse of animated GIFs. Optimized for high screen resolutions. While also being designed to load fast. Just as I like, simple and effective.

Comments are welcome. I've also made a thread to discuss it. Improvements, very much so. It's now at RC1 status. And this'll probably be the 4.0 release. But it's still nowhere near complete. A few elements I'd like to have are difficult to implement in standard HTML. Interactive content often requires understanding of PHP, Flash or other technologies.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

RIAA sued for using illegal investigatory practices

A grandmother targeted by the RIAA for file-sharing is striking back at the controversial music industry association, arguing that it has knowingly engaged in "one or more overt acts of unlawful private investigation" to further its case.Note: I'm testing how Digg works. If you see my blog, comment on it!

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

News & Trivia

I've made adjustments on the .html files which my website consists of, but they haven't been uploaded due to server maintenance. Expect it soon.

Now, for the first wave of random trivia facts. I intend to post various ones over time. They'll always be true, and generally little-known.

  1. Originally released around '93-'94 for the 8bit Famicom/NES in Japan and the US... Mega Man 6 to this day, over 13 years later, has never been released in PAL regions for any platform.
  2. Using SURF on the Cinnabar or Seafoam Island coasts in legitimate B&W Gameboy Japanese cartridges of Pokemon Green, will not trigger wild encounters. All glitches directly involving said action are therefore rendered impossible without a cheating device.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Acmlm Board

Odd things have been happening online. A small typo in IRC had me kicked out of one channel, snowballing into another so that one did too. Weeks later, a hacker steals accounts at Acmlm's Board II. Including mine. I get that back quickly. Then, I sort of ask to have the alternate account I no longer need deleted. It works, but messed up my main one. It'd redirected the IP to ||board. I later hear that's an anti-spam feature.

Anyway... So with advice from another user, I go ask an ABII admin directly. That lead to my being allowed back on their board and IRC channel. Strangely, I'm also now allowed in the other channel which is run by someone else. All is good now! :)

In other news. My long-in-development Super Mario World hack has suffered a potential delay. I'd lost a bunch of data due to partitioning errors, so I had to recover the hack from an earlier backup.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


The story behind 'theclaw' is fairly well-known. However, you might be wondering where my recent 'Eon' theme came from. The full scoop:

I'd considered a new base Internet username, to replace the aging 'theclaw'. So I started to brainstorm. The only idea with a interesting ring to it was 'Eonisa'. A mix of "Eon", as in being timeless. And "NIS", commonly used to refer to the Japanese video game company Nippon Ichi.

I ultimately shortened Eonisa to Eon, theming web locations of mine around it, instead of changing username. For example... Eon Forums is a much easier to remember name than The Claw 135's Electric Castle Forums. It stuck, so I renamed my wiki and other pages to fit the new concept.

Here's the original image of that character in the banner:

Welcome to Eon Blog!

I am theclaw, founder of this blog. It is about various subjects. Primarily rom hacking. Also expect links to great freeware and free software programs, links to information about video games I reccommend obtaining, and more.