Sunday, July 1, 2007

News & Trivia

I've made adjustments on the .html files which my website consists of, but they haven't been uploaded due to server maintenance. Expect it soon.

Now, for the first wave of random trivia facts. I intend to post various ones over time. They'll always be true, and generally little-known.

  1. Originally released around '93-'94 for the 8bit Famicom/NES in Japan and the US... Mega Man 6 to this day, over 13 years later, has never been released in PAL regions for any platform.
  2. Using SURF on the Cinnabar or Seafoam Island coasts in legitimate B&W Gameboy Japanese cartridges of Pokemon Green, will not trigger wild encounters. All glitches directly involving said action are therefore rendered impossible without a cheating device.

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